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Calling Geniuses…by Rebecca Mayer

Maybe you need a vacation (Rio, anyone?) or possibly you fancy being named a Plastic Pollution Genius… Either way, Plasticity 2012, A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastic, is looking for you.  Plasticity 2012 is “a full one-day conference … Continue reading

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Trash to Treasure? – by Rebecca Mayer

Again, Canada seems to be doing it better. A facility in Alberta plans to convert 90% of its residential waste into ethanol, the first waste-to-ethanol plant of its kind. Here’s a very brief description of the process: 1.  Plant sorts … Continue reading

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Infringing on Personal Choice – by Rebecca Mayer

I appreciate choice.  Should I take a yoga class or hike up a mountain this morning?  Should I do homework or shop later in the day?  Would I prefer to kill 200 types of species with my grocery bag this year, use valuable petroleum … Continue reading

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“The Effluent of the Affluent” – by Rebecca Mayer

I spend a good amount of time on my laptop.  I’m in grad school; I write stories.  This requires hours of research.  So when my computer began running slowly, I took it as a minor emergency. Ivan, the computer repairman, said … Continue reading

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Sexy Celebrities and Bottled Water – by Rebecca Mayer

Seattle and Sydney have done it. Concord, Massachusetts and San Francisco are trying to. Ban bottled water, that is. The packaging is bad. The wasted fossil fuels are a problem. And most bottled water is no better for us than … Continue reading

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Bag Bans – by Rebecca Mayer

Telluride, where the film Bag It originated, has a long history of animosity with plastic bags.  Years before Suzan began the project, there was a friendly competition among mountain towns. The competitors:  Telluride, Mountain Village and Aspen, CO The challenge: … Continue reading

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Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we?

Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we? From by Tom Philpott Environment Canada — our northern neighbor’s version of the EPA — has officially declared bisphenol A (BPA) toxic. The ubiquitous chemical, found in the lining of nearly all cans used … Continue reading

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