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Calling Geniuses…by Rebecca Mayer

Maybe you need a vacation (Rio, anyone?) or possibly you fancy being named a Plastic Pollution Genius… Either way, Plasticity 2012, A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastic, is looking for you.  Plasticity 2012 is “a full one-day conference … Continue reading

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Trash to Treasure? – by Rebecca Mayer

Again, Canada seems to be doing it better. A facility in Alberta plans to convert 90% of its residential waste into ethanol, the first waste-to-ethanol plant of its kind. Here’s a very brief description of the process: 1.  Plant sorts … Continue reading

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Infringing on Personal Choice – by Rebecca Mayer

I appreciate choice.  Should I take a yoga class or hike up a mountain this morning?  Should I do homework or shop later in the day?  Would I prefer to kill 200 types of species with my grocery bag this year, use valuable petroleum … Continue reading

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“The Effluent of the Affluent” – by Rebecca Mayer

I spend a good amount of time on my laptop.  I’m in grad school; I write stories.  This requires hours of research.  So when my computer began running slowly, I took it as a minor emergency. Ivan, the computer repairman, said … Continue reading

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Sexy Celebrities and Bottled Water – by Rebecca Mayer

Seattle and Sydney have done it. Concord, Massachusetts and San Francisco are trying to. Ban bottled water, that is. The packaging is bad. The wasted fossil fuels are a problem. And most bottled water is no better for us than … Continue reading

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Bag Bans – by Rebecca Mayer

Telluride, where the film Bag It originated, has a long history of animosity with plastic bags.  Years before Suzan began the project, there was a friendly competition among mountain towns. The competitors:  Telluride, Mountain Village and Aspen, CO The challenge: … Continue reading

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Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we?

Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we? From by Tom Philpott Environment Canada — our northern neighbor’s version of the EPA — has officially declared bisphenol A (BPA) toxic. The ubiquitous chemical, found in the lining of nearly all cans used … Continue reading

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ComPost – by Rebecca Mayer

Like everyone who sees Bag It, I’ve been noticing the plastic in my life more.  The plastic packaging inside the box that my new rice-cooker (plastic) came in.  The individual plastic bags I’m used to putting my produce inside.  Bags … Continue reading

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Welcome to the blog!

Hi there and welcome Seeing as this is my first blog post on our brand spanking new Bag It blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeb, and I’m the guy in the movie. In case you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Today, NRDC filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration for its failure to act on a petition to ban the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in food packaging, food containers, and other materials likely to come into contact … Continue reading

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