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Bottle Bill Banned – by Rebecca Mayer

Do you remember the Seinfeld Bottle Deposit episode?  If not, here’s the script, if you’d like to take a look! A bill mandating a 5 cent refundable deposit on the majority of  glass or plastic bottles purchased in the state, … Continue reading

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Read The War on Single-Use Plastics – by Andy Keller in Whole Foods Magazine

The War on Single-Use Plastics Written By: Andy Keller, CEO of ChicoBag Company In December I wrote about the progress of the reusable bag movement, reporting on the efforts of various communities such as San Jose and Los Angeles County … Continue reading


Plastic Leaf Bags Banned in Charleston! – by Rebecca Mayer

“Charleston County Council agreed Thursday to prohibit yard waste from arriving at Bees Ferry Landfill in plastic bags, essentially banning the use of plastic leaf bags throughout the county.” – article this week from the           Post and Courier Essentially, this … Continue reading

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Vote Now – Should Plastic Bags be Banned? – by Rebecca Mayer

The Wall Street Journal is hosting a poll – don’t miss a chance to weigh in on this important topic!

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Mediterranean Endangered – by Rebecca Mayer

“Alarming quantities of rubbish thrown out to sea continue to endanger people’s safety and health, entrap wildlife, damage nautical equipment and deface coastal areas around the world.” – Expedition MED The MeDiterranean Endangered Expedition, sponsored by the Cousteau Society, has … Continue reading

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New Ways to Avoid BPA – by Rebecca Mayer

Maybe by now you’ve heard that it lurks in store receipts, hand sanitizer and most soft plastics. Bisphenol-A (BPA), linked to cancer, birth defects, miscarriages and obesity, also lines the cans holding many of our food products.  Organic Grace has … Continue reading

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“Organic Elite” Caving on the Issue of GE? – Rebecca Mayer

Let me first state the obvious — leaving aside the fact that USDA’s own organic standards do not allow the use of genetically engineered crops, Stonyfield is absolutely and utterly opposed to the deregulation of GE crops. We believe that … Continue reading

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Controlling Animal Populations Good for Us? – Rebecca Mayer

For the next month, your Bag It blogs will be coming from a New Zealand ashram on the Coromandel Peninsula, where snapper have been inexplicably washing ashore on nearby beaches. Media sources give possible explanations – torn fishing nets, salmonella … Continue reading

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Pollution-Free Skin Care – by Rebecca Mayer

Living at 8,750 feet in a dry climate, I am constantly looking for better and more powerful skincare.  I am guilty of keeping a medicine cabinet full of moisturizing and anti-aging potions and tinctures – most of which are packaged … Continue reading

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Shifting Baselines – by Rebecca Mayer

”Shifting baselines are the chronic, slow, hard-to-notice changes in things, from the disappearance of birds and frogs in the countryside to the increased drive time from LA to San Diego.  If your ideal weight used to be 150 and now … Continue reading

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