Bag Bans – by Rebecca Mayer

Telluride, where the film Bag It originated, has a long history of animosity with plastic bags.  Years before Suzan began the project, there was a friendly competition among mountain towns.

  • The competitors:  Telluride, Mountain Village and Aspen, CO
  • The challenge: to cut down consumption of single-use plastic bags
  • The season: Summer 2008
  • The outcome:  Telluride cut down its single-use bag distribution by an estimated 140,000.

Telluride was the winner, prompting other mountain towns into similar competitions.  The next summer, 5.4 million plastic bags were diverted from the waste stream.  Yay!

Now, the town of Telluride is nearing a more definitive decision – banning plastic bags entirely.  The only dissenters on town council express concern that a plastic bag ban will only push people to use paper, trading overconsumption of one resource for another.

Telluride is discussing the regulation of paper bags as well, insisting that they be be “100 percent recyclable, contain 100 percent recycled content, of which at least 40 percent must be from post-consumer recycled sources, and contain no old-growth fiber.”*

Whew, so that’s good.  And there is more exciting bag-banning news!

A bill passed in California aims to ban all plastic bags from state retailers by 2021.  Watch this news video clip, which mentions the movie.

CBS News August 14, 2012

Also,view this humorous video:

The Epic Lifecycle of this Majestic Creature – the Plastic Bag

And see what you can do in your area to reduce single-use plastic consumption:

What You Can Do

Join Bag Monster

About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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1 Response to Bag Bans – by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Chicago says:

    There is Hemp paper, Bamboo paper and I’m sure other renewable resources available.

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