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BPA Bans! by Rebecca Mayer

With your help, our dear Bag It community, we’ve helped to Ban the Bag in cities, counties, states and nations across the globe. Together, we’ve enabled a vision of the future that includes clean waterways and less waste destined to … Continue reading

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The state of plastic bags today (Thank you BBC!) – by Rebecca Mayer

Good old BBC.  In addition to giving us Mr. Darcy, they’ve published a concise and interesting analysis of the state of plastic bags worldwide, but particularly in the E.U. – see the news report (What Should Be Done about Plastic … Continue reading

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The Myth of Recycling (and some suggestions about how to do it) – by Rebecca Mayer

Recycling is a nice thing.  It’s a positive way to address an existing challenge – too many single-use products that will outlive us all, on land, in landfills and in waterways across the world. Recycling is also our nemesis.  It, … Continue reading

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The Woman the Plastic Industry Can’t Beat (reposted from

Emily Utter was instrumental in getting the City of San Francisco to ban plastic bags. Now she works on staff with BagIt The Movie to help other cities and towns do the same. In spite of the plastic and chemical … Continue reading

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Plastic Pollution Awareness Going Global – by Rebecca Mayer

Plastic pollution awareness has officially gone global. Which is good, because after spending the last four months traveling through India and Southeast Asia, I was beginning to lose faith.  (See image on the left of the view from my Ayurvedic … Continue reading


Save the Camels (even more)! by Rebecca Mayer

A few weeks back, we brought your attention to the plight of camels, dying en masse from plastic calcification in their stomachs in the deserts of the UAE.  As I traveled through India, I noticed sacred cows everywhere munching on … Continue reading

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Here’s an alternative to Living in a Cave – by Rebecca Mayer

It’s safe to say that we at Bag It are committed to removing BPA (bisphenol A) from our consumer products.  If you’ve seen the film, you know we’d love for BPA to be completely absent from our baby’s bottles and, … Continue reading

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