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Report Lays Out Process for Addressing Plastic Pollution both Locally and Globally – by Rebecca Mayer

In the most remote places on Earth with few or no humans present… one can find substantial quantities of plastic debris. Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Stephane Bidouze That is the bad news.  But according to a new international report, constructive solutions to … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day! by Rebecca Mayer

Dear Earth: Thank you for the solid, sunbaked steps I take down the dirt path to the coconut stand. The way the palm leaves rustle in the breeze as I lie, belly first, on the river dock. Flying fish, silver-streaked, … Continue reading

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Getting Personal – by Rebecca Mayer

In the spirit of changing things up, this post is more personal. In Southeast Asia, where I’ve been studying and teaching yoga for 5 months, feet and knees are the most personal things.  So you keep them covered and hidden … Continue reading


Go Team Bag It! by Rebecca Mayer

This week is a heartwarming one for plastic bag banning supporters. Go team! Check them out: Aspen, Colorado third graders posted their amazingly articulate and well-researched reasons for going re-usable in this week’s edition of The Aspen Times. Try something … Continue reading

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Yes, Recycling Does Make a Difference! by Rebecca Mayer

We realize we may have come down a little hard on recycling in the past. It is true that recycling makes us feel better about indulging in just one more six-pack of soda, or plastic container of pre-packaged food (that … Continue reading


The Latest Battle in the War on Plastic – by Rebecca Mayer

Have you seen the beautiful and useful Bag It produce bags? Shameless plug, yes.  But also topical news item. Good Magazine covers the Plastic Bag War as it moves to the produce aisle. As grocery stores across the nation and … Continue reading


Why, again, do we dislike plastic? by Rebecca Mayer

We’ve been on the bag-banning bandwagon for a while now, many of us.  We know we don’t like bags, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why, exactly. The most poignant image we can easily recall is an albatross, lying dead … Continue reading