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Clean Water and the Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation’s Clean Water Campaign draws attention to water crises across a wide span of beaches and oceans. Watch this Surfrider video about plastic accumulation in the oceans and what it does to marine wildlife. And see what water … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Bag It! by Rebecca Mayer

I am puppy-sitting today.  An adorable golden doodle with teeth like a raptor.  As we lay on the floor playing, his teeth found something other than my skin for once.  “What was it?” you might ask. Guess what?  A piece … Continue reading

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“Green” Plastics? by Rebecca Mayer

Bioplastics is emerging as a quickly growing industry.  Touting renewable plant-based production materials, companies hope to market their green image to an increasingly environmentally aware consumer. Bioplastics are used for disposable items such as plastic cutlery and packaging, as well … Continue reading


The Real Cost of a Plastic Bag – by Rebecca Mayer

I recently received a friendly email from “Stop the Bag Police” in Los Angeles, California.  This message called me to join hundreds of Los Angeles residents who have spoken out against the Bag Police and their freedom-nabbing bag-banning intentions. Who paid for … Continue reading

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5 Gyres Uncovering New Ocean Debris Info – by Rebecca Mayer

Bag It makes us more aware of plastic products made to last forever that are used once and tossed out.  Suddenly we wonder if we can do without the individually packaged drinks and snack items, the upgraded cell phone. The issue of accumulating discarded … Continue reading

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Just Stop – by Rebecca Mayer

Sometimes it’s not useful to reinvent the wheel.  So I’m lifting a paragraph straight from Beth Terry’s blog, Fake Plastic Fish.  Here it is: “Some analysts say we have less leisure time than any time since feudal society. And do … Continue reading

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch Discussions!

Watch it here –

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State of the Birds and Oceans discussed globally Saturday!

According to Good magazine, the current “State of the Birds” report is: We might not have any soon.  This is according to Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior.  250 out of 800 species are in danger. What prompted Beth Terry, … Continue reading

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