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Chemical Regulation Still Wearing Bell-Bottoms?

It’s a scary world in which a child can touch their painted “Shrek” drinking glass from McDonald’s eight times, and be exposed to hazardous levels of the carcinogen cadmium, often found in paint, fertilizers, batteries and cigarettes.  It’s like a … Continue reading

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The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 needs your support! – by Rebecca Mayer

Remember the cancer-causing tea tree shampoo from the Bag It Toxins Shock post?  New legislation introduced this summer aims to safeguard ingredients in our products.  Up until now, due to a 1938 law, the FDA has had no regulatory control … Continue reading

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“The Effluent of the Affluent” – by Rebecca Mayer

I spend a good amount of time on my laptop.  I’m in grad school; I write stories.  This requires hours of research.  So when my computer began running slowly, I took it as a minor emergency. Ivan, the computer repairman, said … Continue reading

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A Good Man is Hard to Find… by Rebecca Mayer

and it might be getting harder. The herbicide Atrazine, known as the “gender-bender chemical”, is increasing as one of the top contaminants found in the US water supply. Atrazine is a white powder used to kill weeds mainly in midwestern … Continue reading

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Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we?

Canada bans BPA. Why haven’t we? From by Tom Philpott Environment Canada — our northern neighbor’s version of the EPA — has officially declared bisphenol A (BPA) toxic. The ubiquitous chemical, found in the lining of nearly all cans used … Continue reading

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Toxins Shock – by Rebecca Mayer

Two wonderful people at Bag It, Suzan and Michelle, asked me to blog about plastics. I was elated! What a fabulous movie. What a wonderful cause to join! Then I became overwhelmed. Plastics are literally everywhere – the blogging possibilities … Continue reading

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The Story of Cosmetics

One of the most fascinating interview subjects we got to meet during the filming of Bag It was Annie Leonard, who is an advocate of sustainability and critic of excessive consumerism. She is most known for her animated short film … Continue reading

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