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Thanks for your letter to the editor in the Aspen Times, Gina Murdock! We couldn’t agree more…

Dear Editor: There are so many things worth fighting for: freedom, justice, clean air, water, land preservation, human rights, animal rights … but, the right to pollute? I don’t think that is worth fighting for. Banning single-use plastic bags is … Continue reading

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Look at these crazy websites I found!

Sometimes I don my tinfoil hat and go read some really conservative websites. It’s terribly uncomfortable, and it’s usually pretty crumpled because I’m environmentally conscious and only use recycled tinfoil in my anti-mind control hat. Don’t worry, I’m not going … Continue reading

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One of the Worst “Green” Culprits Plans to Introduce Recycling Measures. Do you think it will make a difference?

Starbucks tackles paper (cup) tiger September 17, 2011|By Taryn Luna, Boston Globe Correspondent Starbucks sells 8.2 million paper cups a day. The focus is often, What can… (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff) Starbucks sells on average 8.2 million paper cups of coffee … Continue reading


Hydration Stations: catchy name, and alternative to bottled water in colleges.

Here’s a good news story. Colleges are starting to ban throwaway plastic water bottles! The article is mainly about the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, but it mentions 14 other colleges in the U.S. and Canada that have complete … Continue reading

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ABC Science Exposes The Great Garbage Patch

The Great Garbage Patch exposed Tim Silverwood sailed the wild seas with a research team in search of the North Pacific’s heart of plastic. Slideshow: Photo 1 of 6 Tim Silverwood aboard The Sea Dragon in search of the infamous … Continue reading

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The “Nightmare Ban.”

Hello readers, my name is Evan MacMillan. I’m a senior in high school who is going to be writing the blog for a while. No worries though, I swear to never drive recklessly and presume to know everything while I’m … Continue reading

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Great Resource from – Ranking Food Companies on BPA

Seeking Safer Packaging 2010: Ranking Food Companies on BPA Energy Environmental Health Bisphenol A 2010 BPA Report Coca-Cola Nanomaterials PVC Smoke-Free Movies Previous Initiatives Resources   Click here to view the full report (pdf). Executive Summary Nearly every canned food … Continue reading

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Why Coca-Cola Isn’t Ditching BPA – from Fast Company

Why Coca-Cola Isn’t Ditching BPA BY Ariel SchwartzThu Apr 28, 2011 BPA, an estrogen-mimicking chemical found in food and drink can linings, adhesives, and many plastics, has been repeatedly linked to breast cancer, early puberty, infertility, and other health problems. … Continue reading

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Following the US Open? Read this – the Tennis Industry Creating a Future for their Used-Up Tools…

A Future for the Used-Up Tools of the Tennis Trade By KEN BELSON, NYT Tennis balls are the lifeblood of every match, and as ubiquitous as rackets, shoulder bags and sweatbands. But the cans they come in create a mountain … Continue reading

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What do Plastic Bags Have in Common with Cigarettes and Alcohol? Surfrider Foundation’s Stuart Coleman Spills It in this Article from Honolulu Weekly…

Plastic Fantastic Love In the age of plastic, how do we kick the habit? by Stuart Coleman | Aug 24, 2011 Addiction is a slippery downward spiral that transforms substances we once enjoyed in moderation to something we can’t seem … Continue reading

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