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Infringing on Personal Choice – by Rebecca Mayer

I appreciate choice.  Should I take a yoga class or hike up a mountain this morning?  Should I do homework or shop later in the day?  Would I prefer to kill 200 types of species with my grocery bag this year, use valuable petroleum … Continue reading

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Bag Bans – by Rebecca Mayer

Telluride, where the film Bag It originated, has a long history of animosity with plastic bags.  Years before Suzan began the project, there was a friendly competition among mountain towns. The competitors:  Telluride, Mountain Village and Aspen, CO The challenge: … Continue reading

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E. Coli in Reusable Bags Scare

This has got my goat. I recently read about a study finding E. coli bacteria in reusable bags. Bacteria levels found in reusable bags were found to be significant enough to cause a wide range of serious health problems and … Continue reading

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