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“Legal Poisoning” – from Plastic Pollution Coalition

Professor Speaks Out on “Legal Poisoning” of American Public This article, from the Plastic Pollution Coalition, was posted on Feb 04 2011 by Amy Westervelt University of California at Riverside philosophy professor Carl Cranor stepped into a different realm in … Continue reading

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“What Can I Do?” – by Rebecca Mayer

Now that Bag It has been airing on PBS, viewers have been sending in all sorts of comments and questions.  The most common question – “What can I do?” The answers are vast.  But what I always say to people … Continue reading


The Clash of the Bottles – by Rebecca Mayer

As we mentioned earlier this week, Coca-Cola has replaced its traditional chemical-laden petroleum plastic bottle with a (30% plant-based) chemical-laden petroleum and plant plastic bottle. In case you missed that post, click here for all the reasons we are not … Continue reading

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Earth Day’s Eleventh Hour – by Rebecca Mayer

It is literally 11 pm on Earth Day, April 22, as I finally check my email and post this update to the Bag It Blog.  We have one hour remaining to participate in the following petition circulated by the Plastics … Continue reading


Bag It Interview on the Sheena Metal Experience

Suzan and Jeb rock the airwaves on the Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio. Bag It Interview – Sheena Metal Experience from David on Vimeo.

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Bag It Update – by Jeb Berrier

Well it’s been a whole year since Bag It premiered at the Ashland Independent Film Festival last April, and so much has happened. After winning the Audience Award, a total shocker to be quite honest, I think we all started to realize that … Continue reading


How To Celebrate EARTH WEEK: Our Suggestions – by Rebecca Mayer

Most of you are familiar with EARTH DAY, April 22.  Each year, you might give thought to our natural environment and the way its beauty overpowers you occasionally.  Green thoughts might be more frequent on this day – musings like: … Continue reading

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