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Presidential Oil Spill Commission and Tomorrow’s Energy – by Rebecca Mayer

“The Presidential Oil Spill Commission recently reported that the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexcio was not a freak accident, but rather a product of systemic failure of both industry and government.” Read’s coverage of the Commission’s findings … Continue reading

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New Study Identifies Health Risks to Pregnant Women – by Rebecca Mayer

As Jeb Berrier finds out in Bag It, exposure to environmental toxins takes on a much more sinister and vital importance when his partner becomes pregnant.  No longer is it about his own health, but now the health of a … Continue reading

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Blue Gold – by Rebecca Mayer

I’m not sure how many posts equate to beating a dead horse, but what’s one more in the grand scheme?   There are so many elements to the issue of bottled water. According to the Mother Nature Network, aside from … Continue reading

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An Island Made of Plastic Bottles? Check this out!

Here’s an innovative way to recycle, for your viewing enjoyment!


Clean Your Beach? by Rebecca Mayer

“Going to the ocean to remove floating plastic particles is like standing on the top of a skyscraper with a vacuum cleaner to remove air pollution.  There is no island to retrieve.” The 5 Gyres has discovered something about ocean … Continue reading

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Alternative Packaging…by Rebecca Mayer

“Hi, I saw your film at parker school I was the 12 year old kid who asked two many question hahahaha but i was wondering jokingly and seriously what will the disc case for the movie be made out of?” … Continue reading

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Where is AWAY? by Rebecca Mayer

Bag It asks the question, “Where is AWAY?” Away is Tata Nagar, India, and other towns like it, where our “recycled” plastic goes to die. Residents live among plastic refuse, brought here for separation and recycling. Smoke at night from … Continue reading

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How does your bottled water rank? by Rebecca Mayer

Admit it.  Some of you still buy bottled water.  There is a stigma attached to tap water – that it’s not clean, or it’s not of the highest quality. In the spirit of confession, I’ll go first.  I had a … Continue reading


Thank you for littering – by Rebecca Mayer

What could be more festive in this holiday season than hourly news alerts from New York City “the garbage capital of the world” (11,000 tons produced daily)? These past few days, inundated with images of New York City streets piled … Continue reading

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Water with Bling? by Rebecca Mayer

A woman in my TRX gym class today asked, “Can I fill my water bottle from the bathroom tap or is that just gross?” Her question illustrates the fact that bottled water companies have spent millions creating the image that … Continue reading

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