Trash to Treasure? – by Rebecca Mayer

Again, Canada seems to be doing it better.

A facility in Alberta plans to convert 90% of its residential waste into ethanol, the first waste-to-ethanol plant of its kind.

Here’s a very brief description of the process:

1.  Plant sorts and diverts compostable and recyclable material.

2.  The remaining trash is sorted and heated in a process called gasification.

3.  Resulting gas is converted to ethanol, which can be burned to generate electricity!

Gasification contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the landfilling process.  It’s supposedly a clean technology because they don’t burn the trash.

State regulators in the US are still testing the economic and environmental impacts of this process…so keep an eye out for more info on this potentially smart alternative energy source!

About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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