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Our Latest (and possibly cutest) Educational Advocate – by Rebecca Mayer

In October, 8-1/2 year old Briana heard about the movie Bag It after her mother Susan watched it on PBS.  While driving to a hiking spot along the C&O canal near her hometown of Potomac, Maryland, Susan described the parts … Continue reading


Bag It’s New Favorite Artist – by Rebecca Mayer

Check out Mandy Barker’s photo collection, entitled Soup, combining a contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction and social awareness. Andrew Price writes about her work on Fast Company’s blog.

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Love Your Environment this Valentine’s Day – by Rebecca Mayer

We’re fans of Beth Terry, creator of the blog My Plastic Free Life.  Since she was interviewed for Bag It over a year ago, it seems the woman has not slept. She’s written a book: Plastic Free – How I … Continue reading

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San Francisco Plastic Bag Policy – Emily Utter

 February 8, 2012  Yesterday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of expanding San Francisco’s existing ban on plastic bags.  Though San Francisco was the first city in the nation to ban plastic bags in 2007, the … Continue reading

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Magical Mushrooms – by Rebecca Mayer

We at Bag It are committed to bringing you the latest news about plastic pollution and its possible solutions. In this spirit, Producer Michelle Hill sent me a link to a Fast Company article about fungi discovered in the Amazon … Continue reading

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Wear Your Plastic on Your Sleeve – by Rebecca Mayer

It’s difficult to decide what to wear.  Ethically, some of us have trouble with leather and most of us with fur.  Sweatshop labor can deter us from affordable clothing.  Even our synthetic exercise clothing comes at an environmental price; particles … Continue reading

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Corporate Zero-Waste Policies by Rebecca Mayer

US companies are getting “greener”.  Either they are responding to the desires of the public or growing large corporate consciences.  Maybe a little bit of both. According to USA Today, the following companies are taking steps to SEND nothing to … Continue reading

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