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“Plastic is Too Valuable to Throw Away” – by Rebecca Mayer

Last week, we highlighted the imminent flight of an Australian pilot who plans to fly half-way across the world using plastic as fuel.  Increasingly, scientists are looking at ways to convert existing plastic into new products or fuel.  See this … Continue reading

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Flight Planned…Using Plastic as Fuel! by Rebecca Mayer

A history-in-the-making type of flight is about to occur.  According to the NYT, “Sometime in the next few months, a single-engine Cessna will fly from Sydney to London. Converted to be able to carry extra amounts of fuel, the small … Continue reading

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The Life of a Plastic Water Bottle – by Rebecca Mayer

Bottled water, as Peter Green points out on Bloomberg, is the healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices.  Bottled water sales grew 9% last year, as people made the switch to a healthy alternative. Of course we should drink water. … Continue reading

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Poisoning Ourselves – by Rebecca Mayer

According to ABC News: “American oceanographer Charles Moore has labelled plastic pollution as a bigger problem than climate change, and one that must be fixed. ‘It’s murderous to marine ecosystems. It is acting as both predator and prey. As predator … Continue reading

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Join Bag It’s New Contest to Reduce Plastic in Schools!

We are officially launching the Bag It Plastic Free School Contest! Sponsored by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art, and music education now and into the future, the winning school will … Continue reading

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