How To Celebrate EARTH WEEK: Our Suggestions – by Rebecca Mayer

Most of you are familiar with EARTH DAY, April 22.  Each year, you might give thought to our natural environment and the way its beauty overpowers you occasionally.  Green thoughts might be more frequent on this day – musings like: I wish they’d stop clubbing baby seals, or, I should volunteer for a beach or park clean-up in my city.

Here at Bag It, we would like to propose EARTH WEEK.  That’s right.  And in honor of our favorite holiday, here are seven actions to take, one for each day, toward a cleaner planet and a better world.

Monday, April 18: Check the Broadcast Screenings Calendar to find out if your local PBS station will air Bag It this week.  Share the time/date with your friends and co-workers!

Tuesday, April 19: By now many of us are proud to carry re-usable shopping bags in place of disposable grocery bags.  But what about fresh produce?  Admit it, that habit is harder to kick.  Replace those single-use disposables with Eco-Bags by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 20: Become aware of other threats to the planet and what you can do to stop them by attending Whole Foods’ “Do Something Reel” Film Festival.  Click here to check out locations near you.

Thursday, April 21: Join the Conversation.  Participate in a live Interactive Q&A Webcast with Jeb Berrier and Director Suzan Beraza, at 9:15 PM EDT/6:15 PM PST. Create your account now so you can be reminded via email to engage in the debate!

OR… Embed the webcast on your website on or before April 21st (Embed Code Below).

ALSO… If you’re able to let your members know about the webcast through an eblast/Facebook/Twitter mention, that would be fantastic!

Friday, April 22: Organize a Screening of Bag It for your local organization, school or town.  For more information, click here.

Saturday, April 23: Take the Surfrider Plastics Pledge.

Sunday, April 24: Kick back and spend this day NOT using resources.  Be creative and find your own ways to avoid buying products and using unnecessary power or fuel.  How can you spend your time NOT consuming?  Contact us and share your suggestions.


Webcast Embed Code:

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About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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