The Clash of the Bottles – by Rebecca Mayer

As we mentioned earlier this week, Coca-Cola has replaced its traditional chemical-laden petroleum plastic bottle with a (30% plant-based) chemical-laden petroleum and plant plastic bottle.

In case you missed that post, click here for all the reasons we are not excited about the new Coke bottle.

Now, Pepsi has unveiled a bottle made entirely from plant-based plastic.  According to PepsiCo Inc., the bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials. Ultimately, Pepsi plans to also use orange peels, oat hulls, potato scraps and other leftovers from its food business.

Although the new bottle does not use petroleum in its production, it is still not compostable or biodegradable.  So while we appreciate the reduction in fossil fuel usage, it is distressing to think that people might purchase more single-use disposable plastics because they feel more “green” doing so.

It seems in this battle of the bottles, there is no winner.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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