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  1. patrick Johnson says:

    Hi Suzan, saw your wonderful movie last night in Aspen. I got the dvd and would like to show it soon at our local coffee shop in Carbondale, Co. You mentioned you could license us to do that. Could you get me the info i need, thanks so much! Patrick

  2. Bonita Moffitt says:

    Funny, eye opening, gut wrenching, and impossible to ignore……and alot of great advice on changing little things in my everyday life………have been telling all my friends of this movie! Thank~you!

  3. Wyn Pedersen says:

    Thank God this movie has brought to the public”s attention one of the most pressing problems we
    face today. A lot of profit is making a few wealthy while the rest of the population pays the price
    with poor health. Unwittingly, we are poisoning our children who will face life long health problem,
    our waterways and all marine life along with the environment in general. Do we really need our
    water in a plastic bottles and packaging that needs a screw driver and hammer to get at the contents– I don’t think so !! Thank you, thank you for this marvelous movie. And thanks to PBS
    Television for their compelling presentation.

  4. Dave says:

    Im hoping to view the movie “Bag It” later this week. I noticed in the movie trailer there were plenty references of plastics & how bad they are but didnt offer any alternatives. It’s those lack of solutions that fear mongering movies like these rarely provide. Because there is a solution to processing plastics over & over again regardless if its a #1 through #7. It amazes me that the general public is so out of touch with the technology & processes to recycle all plastics- it’s alive & well. So I’m expecting to hear things like, use aluminum foil instead of Glad wrap, use paper bags vs filmy plastic bags. I use a water bottle over & over, that makes sense. So show me what makes sense because the real problem here isn’t the material (plastic), its human behavior, laziness, complacency and the infrastructure to divert a waste stream away from landfills on a national scale. But when it comes to littering our highways & waterways with plastic- thats not a plastic problem, thats the same decision when you throw away a napkin, a paper towel, a glass jar, a soup can, a drycleaning bag and on & on.

  5. Bob says:

    I agree with the comments made about this movie, its funny, eye-opening, gut-wrenching, shocking, plastics are poisoning our children and destroying marine life, all well and good enough, but passing comments are not going to help solve the problem. I think Dave, hit the nail (problem) right on the head. Education is what is needed to change human behavior. Unless there is a total worldwide ban on the use of plastics, for fear of death, we will forever be subjected to the dangers of this manmade product, and suffer its destructive aftermath.
    Let’s face it, plastic is just that, plastic. It is not the product that is causing the problem, its how the product is being used and discarded, is the danger. What has to be done is to start educating the people of the inherent dangers of the product and to encourage alternatives. I believe the movie “Bag It” certainly starts the process, but we can’t let it end there with just supportive comments. Stronger actions must be initiated.
    Plastic is a way of life and until a better and safer product is developed, it will remain a way of life. Our only hope for generations to come is to start educating the masses as to the dangers of plastics now. Get the word out to the people, make them understand the dangers of using plastics and once that is known, the people will correct the problem themselves.. Knowledge is power and power makes things happen.

  6. Astin says:

    OK, so I’m one of those ‘I really don’t care’ kind of people, but I saw this movie and I freaked out! The very next day I started using reusable bags and I have even been putting everything into the recycling container, from my frozen vegetable bags to my sandwich bags and everything else that is able to be recycled. This movie is a real eye opener and I have been telling everyone I run into that they need to see it. Maybe someone should send a copy to the White House and the pentagon.

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