Sign the Petition to Save our Waters! by Rebecca Mayer

Sometimes we need legislation to move us toward radical action.  Even by introducing a petition, movement begins toward awareness around an issue, prompting future change.

Photo courtesy Ewan Edwards/The Clipperton Project. Photos are available for media use.

Photo courtesy Ewan Edwards/The Clipperton Project. Photos are available for media use.

This is why we are excited that today the Center for Biological Diversity petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency “to take new steps to curb plastic pollution in our oceans that kills hundreds of thousands of seabirds, endangered sea turtles, rare seals and other marine species each year.”

According to the CBD, “roughly 40 percent of the world’s oceans are covered in giant, swirling convergences of garbage, including billions of pounds of plastic. Today’s legal petition to the EPA seeks new plastic pollution limits for oceans under the Clean Water Act.”

Read more about the petition here.

Show your support for marine life by signing the petition for the EPA to take measures to reduce plastic pollution in the world’s oceans here.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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2 Responses to Sign the Petition to Save our Waters! by Rebecca Mayer

  1. PamelaB says:

    You do such important work to educate about the hazards of plastic, teach people how to do without it, and get plastic out of the environment. Kudos for that. One issue though – Do you know you have an ad running on this petition info page for a “Jarritos bottle” that shows bottles being opened and the caps allowed to fall carelessly away to the ground, including the finale in which a raptor of some sort supposedly knocks a cap off — to the ground — where it is promptly left behind as the person holding the bottle walks away. INSTANT LITTER. NOT a good message to put on this page, in fact it’s totally contrary to everything BAG IT is about. Thank you though for the info about and link to the petition.

    • bagitmovie says:

      Hi Pamela,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about the message of the film!

      Also, we agree with you 100% about the ads that this free WordPress site runs. Right now we’re looking into paying for the site so that random ads like this don’t pop up. Good eye, Pamela!

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