Should plastic water bottles be banned? – by Rebecca Mayer

Last night’s Fresh Air broadcast on NPR featured an interesting segment called What’s In My Plastic? A Closer Look At Phthalates.  Recent legislation (following Canada’s shining example) has banned phthalates, proven endocrine-disruptors, from children’s toys.

Pthalates are also one of the many reasons to avoid using plastic water bottles.  In our small town of Telluride, Colorado, many of our summer festivals are “zero-waste”, meaning that water is available in canisters or from taps, and we expect participants to bring their own re-usable water bottles to re-fill.

Here’s a new concept though: the makings of a zero-waste town.  San Francisco, CA, having already banned the bag, is now considering a plastic-bottle ban.  The ordinance would require drinking spigots to be installed in many city buildings, at the cost of $750 per pop.

Potential opponents of the plan argue that eliminating water bottles will eliminate the most healthy bottled drinking option, since the ban will not affect sugary iced-teas and soft drinks.

“San Francisco has among the best drinking water in country. It’s ridiculous that people would go out and spend their now very limited dollars to buy bottled water,” said Mae Wu, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Read more on the Huffington Post.  And let us know what you think.  Should plastic water bottles be banned?

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5 Responses to Should plastic water bottles be banned? – by Rebecca Mayer

  1. anndavis86 says:

    All plastic bottles that contain drinking fluids should be banned, not just water bottles. Glass is the best choice.

  2. Yes, definitely. And, Rebecca, I’ve designed a small glass-lined container called a JyAR that is super-eco-friendly. The glass core can be removed for cleaning or replaced entirely for repeated use. I’m on a mission to eradicate all manner of single-use containers, will you support us in that effort? Please have a look at:

    If you like what you see, please support our campaign and if possible please spread the word so that we can get our first JyAR out in the market and then we can start making bigger JyARz for all kinds of uses….I’m committed to ending the use of single-use plastic containers…please help 😉



    Aldo Castaneda
    Founder – JyARz
    35 Miller Ave. #168
    Mill Valley, CA 94941

  3. Anie Rouleau says:

    I know this information is in French, but just wanted to say that a school College Ahuntsic in Quebec, Canada (15 000 students) just banned the water bottle on site of the campus after the University of Sherbrooke did the same last year.

  4. natymarie says:

    I agree with this, but safety water measures need to be taken specially for places that don’t have clean tap water available.

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