What Do You Mistake for Food? – by Rebecca Mayer

Studies show that the effects of plastic pollution become most personal and actionable when we see their effects on wildlife – sea creatures strangled by ocean debris and albatrosses dying from ingesting small particles, mistaking them for food.

Here’s another angle: what goes inside your own stomach, what you mistake for food.

For over a year, since Bag It hit its first theater, we’ve been encouraging you to purchase less packaged food and prepare more meals with fresh ingredients.  Turns out, not only do you save packaging this way, you also save your own digestive system from carcinogens and gasoline by-products.

Cory Rennell gives us Three Shocking Ways Packaged Foods Are Contaminated on the Huffington Post.  The whole article is eye-opening, and a wonderful inducement to say no to the packaged cookies and canned chili on your next visit to the grocery store.

As Rennell points out, Most ingredients in packaged foods are not whole foods — meaning that they contain only a part of the original food. Chemicals are often used to extract these partial-food ingredients, and these compounds leave residues in the food.

For your next meal, choose whole foods, in their fresh, natural state.

According to Rennell, If your food doesn’t spoil, it’s not fresh — and chances are part of it is not even food.

Choose food.  And save the seals and birds.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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2 Responses to What Do You Mistake for Food? – by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Jessy Mills says:

    love it!! probably going to link it on my blog if thats ok with you?

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