Happy Earth Day! by Rebecca Mayer

Kampot, Cambodia, sunriseDear Earth:

Thank you for the solid, sunbaked steps I take down the dirt path to the coconut stand. The way the palm leaves rustle in the breeze as I lie, belly first, on the river dock. Flying fish, silver-streaked, dance: lift and disappear, lift and vanish.

The cat digs through the dried-grass roof of the thatched hut, searching for gecko. The gecko shrieks its outlandish chorus as I slip slowly into the river, floating, gazing at a sky that never stays still, cloud-dance, blushing and alternately strutting its stuff.

The old fishing junkers stay on their side of the bridge today; the oil sheen barely collects on the banks; I turn away from the styrofoam packets and old cups that collect between the lotus roots; today, the sun-warmed river, wind, sky are untouched.

Kampot, Cambodia -April 22, 2012

This Earth Day, why not take a moment to write a little letter to your part of the planet, like I did? Ask your child or child’s class to do the same. We’ll be happy to choose several, and publish them!

And how to celebrate further?  Check out this list of ideas. Our favorite? Cook an earth-friendly meal, with local, organic ingredients.  Experiment with vegetarian options.  Invite friends over, and decorate your table with recycled decorations that you make together.

Happy Earth Day to you from Bag It!


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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One Response to Happy Earth Day! by Rebecca Mayer

  1. susan t says:

    thanks for your informative “bag it documentary” i saw on tv last night (4/22/12). it was witty but very very sad and made me guilty for the way i have been living. i am thinking of many ways i can improve my environment and health but i cant even think of ever not wearing makeup or nail polish!!!

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