Yes, Recycling Does Make a Difference! by Rebecca Mayer

We realize we may have come down a little hard on recycling in the past.

It is true that recycling makes us feel better about indulging in just one more six-pack of soda, or plastic container of pre-packaged food (that loses more nutritional value each minute sits out in its packaging).

Also, major companies increasingly employ the greenwashing tactic of organizing huge recycling endeavors to promote consumption of their products, which are packaged in single-use plastic.

Whew; had to say it again.

In other news: recycling does make a difference and you should do it!

Joseph Walls of the Vail Daily News lists in a concise and informative fashion the benefits of recycling here.  His main points:

  1. Recycling supports jobs.
  2. Recycling usually saves energy.
  3. Recycling saves redemption money which in turn supports recycling programs.
  4. Recycling extends landfill life expectancy.
  5. Recycling creates new products.

Example?  Read here about eggshell plastic on  Personally, we are more excited when crushed eggshells are recycled back to chickens so they can produce more eggshells.  Sorry, scientists; nature just does it for us more.

Oh yes, returning from the digression: we want to say, dear Bag It community, please still recycle.  It does make a difference!  Just also buy less and reuse first…

More numbers on recycling from TLC’s


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Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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3 Responses to Yes, Recycling Does Make a Difference! by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Sharon H. says:

    Kind of reminds me of how we are chided to use this or that service or product as a jobs program. A facebook campaign to “Support post office workers” because they have families they support. Yes, that’s laudible. But the system that cannot support itself by selling its product is demonstrating its own uselessness when it promotes itself as if it were a charity. I will send birthday cards to my nieces through the mails, but I will pay my bills electronically. Because of my own priorities and needs, not as a way to pay for jobs for postal employees.

    And I will use plastic and recycle as much of it as I can. But I’ll use it quite sparingly. Because it’s the right thing to do according to my principles. Not as a jobs program for recycling companies.

    • bagitmovie says:

      Very well put, Sharon. It’s wonderful to hear your perspective – thank you.

      • Sharon H. says:

        Oops, a bad example. I just read a column in today’s newspaper that Congress passed a law a decade ago that required the U.S. Post Office to pre-fund all it’s potential pension costs for 75 years into the future. For employees that haven’t even been born yet. It was a deliberate policy choice to destroy the post office. Crazy. How can you sell enough stamps to cover that???

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