Why, again, do we dislike plastic? by Rebecca Mayer

We’ve been on the bag-banning bandwagon for a while now, many of us.  We know we don’t like bags, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why, exactly.

The most poignant image we can easily recall is an albatross, lying dead and dissected on the on Midway Beach. (You may remember these images from the film or previous blog posts.)

Here’s a poem we love, recently published on the Journey to Midway site, by Victoria Sloan Jordan.

On witnessing an albatross feeding

To witness a young albatross open wide
its translucent, newborn throat,
open the soft, pink shell to its mother,
to the contents of the sea she carried
in her body for thousands of miles,
for over twenty million years – to watch,
today, the chick wholly embrace
the amber-colored squid oil
and cloaked shards of plastic,
to see it all slip down in an act
of ancient swallowing – is to witness
eons of trust absorbed into nature’s gut.
And for our own trusting throats
defended by lips, teeth and taste buds,
we evolved to sweeten what poisons us.

Beautiful – thank you Victoria Sloan Jordan!  That’s what captures us, isn’t it?  The issue of trust.  As caretakers of this planet, aren’t we responsible to all beings for what we produce and discard?  Shouldn’t we take seriously our impact on every other species of life?

And shouldn’t companies that manufacture our products feel responsibility toward us, the consumer?  Shouldn’t they disclose the effects of ingredients in products they advertise and sell to us?

As the Green Prophet proclaims – Plastic is pervasive and so are the carcinogenic chemicals that leach from them.  Read the full article – A Plastic Pollution Cocktail: Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Items here.

If manufacturers and the FDA refuse to protect our health and safety, we need to take matters into our own hands.

Take matters into your own hands – educate yourself about the products you use every day.

Read 3 Harmful Plastic Items to Remove from your Life here.

One more amazing resource we haven’t mentioned in a while – EWG’s Skin Deep.  Test your products for their safety on this great site.

Education is the first step toward taking responsibility for our own health, and the health of all those that depend upon us!


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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2 Responses to Why, again, do we dislike plastic? by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Thank you for the resources. I will use them with my class. We are doing a collaborative project with classes around the world to get rid of plastic bags. Here is a link to our project: Global Teacher Connect Get Rid of Bags Project .

    • bagitmovie says:

      Dear Heidi,
      So great to know that you are teaching your students ways to get involved. If you would like to send us some information about your students’ final project, quotes and photos, we would love to publish a blog about your classroom activities!
      Best of luck,

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