The Myth of Recycling (and some suggestions about how to do it) – by Rebecca Mayer

Recycling is a nice thing.  It’s a positive way to address an existing challenge – too many single-use products that will outlive us all, on land, in landfills and in waterways across the world.

Recycling is also our nemesis.  It, more and more, is used as a marketing ploy by manufacturers, who “greenwash” consumers into thinking that their increasing consumption can be addressed easily.

Recycling often lets us off the hook.

The solution is not that simple.  There are so many other factors to add to the mix – pollution from the recycling process, the fact that thousands of tons of our electronics and recyclables are shipped overseas, contaminating whole cities in Asia.  And so on.

The mountain of single use plastics and obsolete electronics accumulating throughout the globe seems insurmountable.  But you, one person, can make a difference.  It’s as easy as taking one step today to eliminate a single-use container you don’t need.  Carry your own tupperware and water bottle.   Bring your own shopping and produce bags to the store.  Take it one small step at a time.

And what to do about existing recyclable materials?  OK, here are some suggestions about recycling, once you’ve made your small steps toward eliminating unnecessary products from your life altogether:

1.  Aluminum Cans – a “proud symbol of recycling”?

2.  Electronics for Veterans

3.  More electronics recycling – this time, the iPad

4.  Sad news about batteries, and more – How to Trash 9 Items

Please get in touch and let us know about the small steps you’ve taken to reduce the number of items in your life that even require recycling.  Good luck with all your efforts, Bag It community!


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Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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