Wear Your Plastic on Your Sleeve – by Rebecca Mayer

It’s difficult to decide what to wear.  Ethically, some of us have trouble with leather and most of us with fur.  Sweatshop labor can deter us from affordable clothing.  Even our synthetic exercise clothing comes at an environmental price; particles wear off during the washing process and end up mingling with the rest of the plastic particles in the ocean.

Even so, it is hard to completely reduce when it comes to clothing.  So, let’s be realistic.  Why not recycle?

There are some interesting options to explore when it comes to wearable recycled materials, even plastic.

Caveat: While it is a good idea in theory to recycle waste into wearable art, the health effects of plastic materials are well-known.  So we may just be forced to appreciate the idea of wearable plastic and the creativity and message of the designers.

San Anselmo artist Elise Cheval produces couture more to provoke thought than to make for a comfortable evening lounging around on the couch.

“My dresses are serving as a podium for getting the word out in educating the public about the true nature of plastics,” she says. “The bubble wrap is a popable material that inspires joy, but it contrasts the fun nature of the material because it’s a nonrecyclable material.”

A Lot to Say T-Shirts were designed by two women in advertising, with truly a lot of good things to say.  Here’s their mission statement:

“If you think something, say it. If you believe something, say it. Saying it creates new awareness. Awareness sparks new behavior. And new behavior inspires us all to be better. If we speak out, others will act out. To vote. Recycle. Save. To think a little more. To try a little harder. So never be afraid to say it. Or wear it. Everyday.”


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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