Exciting News from Ford – by Rebecca Mayer

My World War II pilot grandfather bought us each a car for graduation.  (I know; we are lucky.)  The only stipulation?  It had to be American-made.  I drove my Ford Escort with pride for many years during a hippie phase, with Grateful Dead Bears dancing on the rear window.

Now there’s another reason than patriotism to buy American.  Ford is using recycled plastic bottles to make electric seats for its new Focus.  Read the announcement in PC Magazine.

According to the blog Pacific Swell, they also  report the sobering news that in America, only 29% of plastic bottles find their way to being recycled, which is about half the rate in Europe. Awkward!


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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