Way to go, Japan! – by Rebecca Mayer

It’s wonderful to have good news about the state of our planet, and an example to follow.  Thank you Japan.

According to a recent article by Justin McCurry in the UK Guardian, Japan is way ahead of the global curve in plastic recycling rates.

Japan reportedly recycles 77% of its plastic waste.  The US currently recycles 20% of its plastic.

In Japan, the list of items that can be recycled also  exceeds the list that we are accustomed to – lids and caps as well as food wrappers are all separated for recycling and picked up free of charge for processing.

It’s not only Japan’s rate of recycling that makes it an exemplary model.  It’s how they use the process -converting recycling into thermal energy and creating toys and recycled plastic water bottles.

This is recycling at its best, as it exists today.  There are still some issues (the large quantity of packaging used in the country) that still (obviously) make reducing the first choice.

How do we push for change in our own country’s waste-management system?  According to McCurry, “Japan has been able to make progress in plastic recycling because waste-processing agencies have won the support of manufacturers.”

Let manufacturers of products you use know that you want more recycled product!  And let us know about any creative solutions that you come up with!



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Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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