Happy New Year from Bag It!

We can’t believe it’s already New Year’s.  Almost.

Our inboxes are inundated with requests from every cause imaginable, to donate before the close of the old year.

We want to ring in the New Year with every possible resolve.  In the coming year, we will eat less, stop complaining/staying up too late/watching Real Housewives.  We will do yoga and exercise more, get eight hours of sleep per night, spend time with friends, and do something that scares us every day.

Exercise is great.  But that inbox full of causes to consider is good too.

Celebrate the New Year with fresh motivation to actively improve the planet, and everyone’s situation:

1.  Stay informed about legislation affecting the products we use, and show your support for bills introduced to protect us from toxic chemicals.

2.  Check out Surfrider Foundation projects (and those of other ocean-aware organizations) and see how you can support clean water and beaches around the world.

3.  Choose one green personal resolve that seems achievable for you (i.e. – Riding your bike more will help the planet, but also give you firm calves and the feeling of wind whipping over your skin!  Or – Separating your food scraps from landfill-headed waste will cut down on the feed budget for your adored pet pig Lulu.)  Taking one joyful step forward often leads to more and more positive steps toward a cleaner, healthier planet.

4.  Stop unwanted catalogs from arriving in your mailbox (keep the trees alive!).  Sign up here.

5.  Check out these tips on the dailygreen.com.  One of our faves?  Follow the example of most other countries around the world.  Hang dry clothes.  (This saves you $$ as well.)

6.  If you do have end-of-year donations to be made, support a cause like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics or join the The Surfrider Foundation and help these organizations keep making a difference to the planet (and its inhabitants) that you love.

Happy New Year to you all!

– the Bag It team

About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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