Celebrate Halloween with the Plastic Pollution Coalition – Join the Plastic Creep Costume Contest!

Plastic Creep Costume Contest!

This article was posted on Oct 16 2011 by Plastic Pollution Coalition

Halloween is a perfect time to teach your family about the importance of reducing plastic pollution. The key to being plastic-free is family participation. Here’s a link to our plastic-free Halloween guide.

This Halloween bring up the issue awareness to the next level,  join our costume contest! Deadline is October 31, 2011.

Actress Daphne Zuniga (Jo Reynolds on Melrose Place, and Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill) will be judging the contest and awarding prizes such as reusable items, Plastic Pollution Coalition t-shirts (designed by famed artist Raymond Petibon), free memberships to our coalition, necklaces, and more!  Plus, Daphne will tweet the winners to her huge fan base!  You’ll be an Internet sensation in no time!

What to do? Hit up a local recycle center or your neighbors or a restaurant in your area for their plastic junk and create a scary disposable plastic costume!


What’s more monstrous than Frankenstein?  More dangerous than Dracula?  More sinister than Darth Vader?

Bag Hag! Bottle Blob!  Cap Monster!


Forget Werewolves, witches, and zombies.  The hottest costume this year will be truly horrifying – it’s made out of all the plastic pollution we humans recklessly throw away!

These funny costumes are actually a fantastic way to raise awareness about the plastic pollution in our oceans and planet – Easy to make, just follow the how-tos on our site.

Take fright night to the extreme this Halloween and be a Plastic Pollution Creep.  Post pictures of video of your costume creations.  Post photos on the Plastic Pollution Coalition Facebook page.

If anyone asks about your costume, tell them:

  • The average American uses between 500-700 plastic bags a year (And tell them how many bags are in your costume).
  • Plastic pollution is being found in the ocean – more than 80 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is disposable plastic.  REFUSE disposable plastic bottles, straws, and bags.
  • Plastic is something the earth cannot digest.  Every bit of plastic that has been created still exists, except for the small amount that has been incinerated, and has become toxic air and particulate pollution.

So, you want to see something scary??


What You Need

Materials (choose one):

  • 50-100 plastic bags (Hopefully you don’t have any! Try the plastic bag “recycling bin” outside a big supermarket.),
  • or 50-100 plastic bottles (Stomp on them to squash the bottles and provide more flat surfaces to glue. If you need more, hit up that neighbor who buys bottled water by the case.)
  • or, 100s of plastic bottle caps. Any size, any color. Sadly they are indeed everywhere, just start collecting them.


  • A hot glue gun
  • Alternative method for plastic bags: A needle and thread.
  • An old long-sleeve T-shirt or sweatshirt and sweatpants or pants you don’t mind trashing.
  • An old hat that, again, you’re willing to sacrifice for the cause.

In a somewhat systematic way, use the hot glue gun to affix plastic bags, bottles, or caps to your shirt, pants, and hat. Plastic pollution does not care about beauty and organic purity, so neither should you. This is not a work of art, people—it’s a plastic pollution creep!  So just get them glued on and then pull on your costume and go out and terrify the masses!

A greener way: Stitch the bags on with needle and thread. This version will last longer too!

Helpful hints

Don’t put too many around your neck in a way that might cause them to blow up into your face. That would be annoying.

If the pants you’re using have a zipper fly, don’t glue gun yourself into a desperate spot when it comes time to heed nature’s call.

No glue gun? Try this:

For BagHag

Take duct tape and pull a long stretch. Lay it sticky side up and then hang a bunch of plastic bags on it. Leave a little sticky of the tape clear and use that to stick the tape onto your shirt or pants. Do this over and over and layer the bags over the tape so the tape isn’t so visible. The top layer will show the tape.

For BottleMonster

Use a screwdriver or awl and CAREFULLY pierce the bottoms or sides of the plastic bottles.

(Don’t hurt yourself. It’s just Halloween.) Then use twine and string the bottles up, then tie them on to your body. This will work better if you don’t try to make one long chain of bottles, but a few –for your waist, over your shoulders, hanging from your belt, etc.

For CapCreep

Take duct tape, lay it down sticky-side up and attach the bottle caps. Then use safety pins to attach the duct tape to your clothing.

Remember to post photos and video of your terrifying Halloween creations on Plastic Pollution Coalition Facebook page.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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