Method – by Emily Utter, Bag It Town Coordinator

Recently Michelle Hill, Bag It’s Producer, and I visited Method Home Products headquarters in San Francisco.  The Bag It film screening was followed by a lively Q&A discussion ranging from topics like recycling, policy solutions and challenges around the world to how Method can improve their packaging to reduce their overall waste.

Method is one of the industry leaders in green cleaning products, developing highly concentrated cleaning solutions, thereby reducing the overall amount of plastic packaging needed.  As a thank you for our visit, Method gave us goodie bags of Method products, packaged in chic and sturdy “Plastic Bag Rehab” reusable totes.

My favorite goodie was laundry soap in a 20 oz. container that has the capacity for 50 loads!  Method estimates that this packaging reduces the overall carbon footprint by 35% — and the bottle is made with recycled plastic!  We know we can’t get rid of all plastic, but Method’s efforts are a grand step in the right direction.  We thank them for their support of Bag It, and for their genuine commitment to sustainable products and practices.

To continue the conversation about how to reduce waste, I joined Method on a tour of a local recycling center in Marin County, California—a county that recently passed a ban on plastic bags, but is currently being sued by Save the Plastic Bag Coalition (we’re not kidding!).  Our tour guide answered our many questions about plastics recycling, plastic markets, and where our plastic goes once we’ve thrown it in the recycling bin.  We also got to see the football-field sized pit where all of the garbage goes.  Unfortunately, materials at this facility don’t get sorted once someone has thrown them in the garbage bin, so we noticed that there were many items that could have been recycled or reused, but that were landfill-bound.  Overall the tour was extremely informative, and inspired all of us to keep brainstorming about how to reduce the use of materials we don’t need- especially plastics.

We would love to keep the conversation going! Would you like to host a Bag It screening in your community?  Check out our screenings guidelines and introduce your friends, coworkers and neighbors to an issue that we can all take steps to improve.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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