The Hot, Hip… and Green – by Rebecca Mayer

Face it – green is in.

If you don’t believe me, check out this solar-powered bikini, now available by custom-order.  (Because we all want to lie around on the lawns of our apartment buildings to charge small electronics…)

I was watching the Millionaire Matchmaker today (yes, I did just admit that) and in this re-run, Patti Stanger attempts to find love for two green business owners.  The cocktail party is a veritable tournament of green facts and environmental one-upmanship type volleys.  The resulting dates consist of a “toxic tour” of LA and a lecture about how “red” animals (the ones that produce steaks) are worse for the planet in some nebulous way.

People want to be seen as virtuous, intelligent, evolved.  Funnily enough, so do companies.

The Federal Trade Commission has been updating its Green Marketing Guidelines since December 2010.  As marketers have realized that “green” sells, more companies claim that their products are biodegradable, recyclable or made with renewable resources—whether or not the product actually has these benefits.  Read more about such practices here.

“Greenwashing” is widespread.  CBS and Coca Cola are a few recent offenders – CBS for allegedly implying that its advertisers were environmentally conscious, and Coca Cola for producing a “natural” water bottle for its Dasani product that still doesn’t decompose.

And Coca Cola (seems to be) at it again!  Meet Elliot, the “Cratefan”, of South-African origin.

Elliott is constructed entirely of Coca Cola crates and cable ties on the Capetown waterfront.   Although he was designed by a well-respected local artist (who happens to have come out of the advertising field), and although we respect found art made of recycled products, we have to ask the question:  why Coca-Cola crates?

Could it be that the company is avoiding the FTC and commissioning such work on the sly?  Whether or not this has any grain of truth to it, we hope consumers will be wise enough to realize that a giant “Cratefan” does not a sustainable company make.

Even if he does look pretty hot.


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Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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