Bag Monsters Take NYC, Assisted by Our Favorite New Artist! – by Rebecca Mayer

Director Suzan Beraza met Aurora Robson at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival (where Bag It won Audience Choice).   Suzan mentioned Bag It’s Earth Day plan to let loose five Bag Monsters in the NYC subway, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Union Square, and up and down Fifth Avenue, performing guerilla marketing for Banning the Bag.

Robson, an amazing New York artist who creates surreal fantasies from discarded plastic, offered to find artist friends who would join the cause, dressing in billowing suits made of single-use plastic bags.

Check out this video of Robson discussing an installation made of 15,000 recycled plastic bottles!

Aurora Robson sculpture – 2009

Bag Monsters at the Chambers Hotel, where Robson showed an Earth Day exhibition for the Mayor Bloomberg’s headquarters.

Bag Monsters in Times Square!

Bag It Producer Michelle Hill with happy Monsters and volunteer Claudine Marken – Earth Day in the City!

Bag Monsters on the Subway!

And finally…Bag Monsters meet 30 Rock’s Tracey Morgan!


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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One Response to Bag Monsters Take NYC, Assisted by Our Favorite New Artist! – by Rebecca Mayer

  1. I came home from doing groceries one day last April and found my wife in tears. She had been watching the Bag It movie. Since then we decided to make one change at a time. The first change was to stop using single use bags. We immediately bought reusable bags and calculated that in the month of May we did not consume 25 plastic single use bags.
    We have started other initiatives too. Keep on inspiring people to make changes. Thank you!

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