Presidential Oil Spill Commission and Tomorrow’s Energy – by Rebecca Mayer

“The Presidential Oil Spill Commission recently reported that the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexcio was not a freak accident, but rather a product of systemic failure of both industry and government.”

Read’s coverage of the Commission’s findings and what seems to be next for offshore drilling.



In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Obama challenges lawmakers: “instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.”  Tomorrow’s energy includes clean (?) coal and natural gas.

According to Surfrider, the Obama Administration recently announced that the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, and the eastern Gulf of Mexico would be protected from offshore drilling in the upcoming five year leasing plan. Now is the time to establish a permanent ban on all new offshore drilling activities through the passage of legislation.

Click here to support the No New Drilling Act.

Want more evidence that offshore drilling produces disastrous results for ocean life, water quality and human health?  Visit the following sites:

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