How does your bottled water rank? by Rebecca Mayer

Admit it.  Some of you still buy bottled water.  There is a stigma attached to tap water – that it’s not clean, or it’s not of the highest quality.

In the spirit of confession, I’ll go first.  I had a flight snafu (thank you, United Airlines) over the holidays and was stuck for twelve hours in a town just an hour’s flight away from my destination.  I broke down and bought a plastic bottle of water.  Horrors, don’t I know!

I should have had my Bag It re-usable water bottle.  But I didn’t.  I also didn’t have snow boots or a jacket for the freezing weather I encountered on this longer-than-planned layover.  So, in my flip-flops, shivering (and also incidentally covered with an incendiary explosion of poison oak), I sipped my plastic-enclosed water guiltily and waited for the sun to rise on my morning flight.

Incidentally, the Environmental Working Group has just released its 2011 Water Bottle Scorecard.  The Group’s recommendation:  DRINK FILTERED TAP WATER.

But, just for fun, I looked up my illicit airport purchase – a bottle of Pepsi’s Aquafina.  Where was it bottled?  Is it purified?  Have tests found any contaminants?

Oh, lovely.  It seems that Pepsi has earned a “D” rating for transparency.  Not the transparency of its product, but its company disclosure.  Aquafina does not label
its specific water source and treatment method or provide contact information
for consumers to get information on water purity.

So, not only did the environment suffer from my plastic purchase, but also potentially my body.  A great reminder to carry my water bottle as much as I can!


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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3 Responses to How does your bottled water rank? by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Janie says:

    Since I saw your film in August, I haven’t purchased or drunk a single bottle of water.
    Bag It has changed my lifestyle in many positive ways. Thank you.

    • bagitmovie says:

      Great to hear, Janie! Not only are you saving the ocean from plastic debris contamination, you are keeping BPAs and pthalates out of your body from the plastic bottle. Thanks for your response.

  2. Aaron Juvik says:

    Hi, I saw your film at parker school I was the 12 year old kid who asked two many question hahahaha but i was wondering jokingly and seriously what will the disc case for the movie be made out of?

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