Water with Bling? by Rebecca Mayer

A woman in my TRX gym class today asked, “Can I fill my water bottle from the bathroom tap or is that just gross?”

Her question illustrates the fact that bottled water companies have spent millions creating the image that bottled water is “cleaner” and “sexier” than tap water.  In fact the water from your bottle may be the same as that coming from the tap, but with the added bonus of endocrine-disrupting BPAs used to soften the plastic.  (Not to mention the wasted fuel transporting a widely available resource around and the single-use plastic packaging.)

According to the waterblogged.info site, Bling H2o has entered the market, retailing for $20 per bottle for the entry-level Limited Edition Vintage Pink Crystals.  “Bling H2o was the brainchild of Hollywood producer Kevin Boyd, who noted that among the myriad cool bottled waters flaunted [his word] by the denizens of Hollywood studios, . . .none truly made that defining statement. Bling H2o was fashioned to make that defining statement.”

I didn’t answer the woman at my gym class.  I didn’t want to sound judgmental or know-it-all.  Not everyone understands the threat of plastic pollution, or appreciates the fact that our country is so vastly lucky to have clean available water.  (See, now I do sound a little bit know-it-all!)

But commoditizing a free resource like water and creating packaging to increase the status of its consumer makes me want to speak up.  Next time someone asks me about drinking from the tap, I will stand up for tap water!  It may be decorated with pink crystals, but it beauty is natural.  No bling needed.


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Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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