Garbage Bag Solutions

I use my paper grocery bags as kitchen garbage bags.  The same morning my paper bag tore because of moisture and covered the floor with a disgusting mess, the Town Council banned plastic bags and imposed a fee on paper.

I realized it was time to find a more sustainable solution for garbage bags.  As we’ve mentioned, compostable material discarded in plastic bags creates methane gas.  But a liner for garbage cans is an absolute essential, I think.  Here are some biodegradable ideas:

It seems reviews are fairly unanimous about biodegradable bags.  They fall apart, just like my paper garbage fiasco last week.  According to my research these are the strongest option:  Bag to Nature

Another tip:  if you have wet, heavy refuse that could compromise your bag, use a discarded box or plastic packaging and discard this separately.

Read more biodegradable bag discussion on the blog Tiny Choices.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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2 Responses to Garbage Bag Solutions

  1. Cilla Hauer says:

    Lance and I saw your viewing of “Bag It” at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Since You said that it was not the final cut, I thought I would make a suggestion. If you google: Michigan State Packaging School, I think you will see that the History Channel has honored MSU for its contributions as the Number One Packaging Experts on the globe. found If you watch the 3 minute youtube video found on the google site you will see the honoring of plastic in their research. I think you should interview one of the experts from MSU for your film— at least let them review your pilot and get their response. This recognized packaging school should be part of the solution. I had some other reactions to the film— but prbably of little interest to you.

  2. Jen CleanBin says:

    What’s in your garbage that is so wet and heavy? Once I started composting, my garbage dwindled to almost nothing, and I don’t have to use a bag at all since it’s no longer messy.

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