Bag Bans just the First Step! by Rebecca Mayer

Bag banning may not fix all the environmental problems and toxic threats in our world, but that’s not the point.  The point is to start small, to take one tiny action at a time that will alert people to the larger issues affecting their communities.

Personally, I think legislating environmental awareness has been demonstrated necessary.  If we are too busy to take smart action to save our oceans and crops and bodies from toxic and hazardous waste, someone should help us along.  Because deep down, we must all care about clean water, healthy food and chemical-free bodies.

Some people, including close members of my family, don’t believe that our bodies are loaded down with chemicals, or that the ocean is filling with tiny bits of plastic that kill marine life.  It’s hard to convince them, because they don’t read blogs like this or watch movies like Bag It.

Slowly, it seems that the threats of BPA, phthalates and plastic pollution are becoming widely recognized.  Today, I found several mainstream resources for further research on these topics.

Time Magazine alerts us to The Truth About Plastic.

The New Yorker backs up The Plastic Panic with findings and case studies.

CNN reveals a Life Less Plastic on their two-part special Toxic America.

Especially in the aftermath of Canada declaring BPA a toxic substance, people are becoming unable to close their eyes to the growing problem of plastic pollution and toxic products and food.  Giving single use bag-banning all the more relevance and momentum.


About bagitmovie

Bag It is a documentary film following the world wide use of plastic bags, plastic's impact on the environment and human health.
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One Response to Bag Bans just the First Step! by Rebecca Mayer

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Love the article, you make some great points. I to have found it challenging to convince people plastic waste is something they should care about. There is a large amount of people that do care and have made the change to reduce their plastic consumption. However, there is an enormous amount of people who don’t – people who are to busy, uneducated, or just plain don’t give a @! This is just a small part of the reason a ban on plastic bags is needed.

    My name is Manuel Martinez, I am the founder of Project GreenBag. Our bags are the sustainable answer to plastic bags. They are made from organic cotton and made in California. This means, a natural organic fabric plus made by Americans. We are now in the process of crating an eco-friendly bag for just $5. This will be a huge step in building a sustainable future. Bye bye plastic bags!

    – Manuel Martinez
    Founder Project GreenBag

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