The Story of Cosmetics

One of the most fascinating interview subjects we got to meet during the filming of Bag It was Annie Leonard, who is an advocate of sustainability and critic of excessive consumerism. She is most known for her animated short film The Story of Stuff about the life-cycle of the material goods we keep churning out.

She is also behind the online short video, The Story of Bottled Water. Now Annie has come out with a new short, online video called, The Story of Cosmetics.

Just what is the toxic truth about those chemicals in your shampoo? Your lipstick? Your aftershave? And what do they have to do with asthma, cancer and learning disabilities?

Learn, share and help give the beauty industry a makeover: Watch The Story of Cosmetics, a 7-minute film exposing the ugly truth about personal care products – brought to you by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff Project and Free Range Studios.

Let’s make a huge splash with this new video: if we all share it with our friends and community, we can reach millions of people and really inspire change!

And now for even more exciting news: today the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 was introduced in Congress. We would like to ask you to be part of a comprehensive solution to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.

For the first time in 70 years, we have a real chance to pass a bill that would eliminate chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems from the products women, men and, most egregiously, infants and children slather on their bodies every day. We need all hands on deck for this effort: Urge your elected officials to co-sponsor the Safe Cosmetics Act. You can find out more about the campaign at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Thanks for watching and sharing The Story of Cosmetics and for asking Congress to get behind safe cosmetics legislation. Together, we can all work together to make sure personal care products and cosmetics are safe for everyone.

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